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              • Corporate Mission

              • Corporate Vision

              • Core Values

              • Enterprise Spirit

              • Cultural Declaration

              • Development Philosophy

              Generating clean energy for a better home

              CTGR?develops new energy sources such as wind energy and solar power, giving priority to social benefits while creating economic benefits. This approach provides society with safe, reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly clean energy. The company pursues the sustainable utilization of resources and sustainable corporate development. Together with our stakeholders, we strive to build a better home for the future.

              Blossoming into a world-leading new energy company

              The company is committed to its founding mission. With a vigorous and resolute spirit, we are striving to accelerate the construction of a world-class new energy company, and to make new contributions to the construction of a moderately prosperous society.

              Core Values

              Dedication?- Dedication is our choice

              Responsibility?- To embrace the company’s responsibilities with passion

              Innovation?- Innovation is the driving force of our development

              Harmony?- Happiness and harmony are our relentless pursuit

              Developing the Three Gorges for the Chinese nation

              The Three Gorges spirit, centered on developing the Three Gorges for the Chinese nation, is a powerful force for generations of people. It carries with it the original mission of the Communist Party of China, manifests the national integrity of the whole nation, and embodies the devotion of the people who have worked on the Three Gorges.

              We are CTG

              We are CTG. Our mission, responsibilities and commitments are entrusted to us by our country and history. We always bear in mind the great trust the Party and people have placed in us, and always put the interests of the country and people first. We strive to give full play to the role of CTG in public welfare, do our duty for the country, and benefit society. We are confident that the Three Gorges can stand the test of both time and nature.

              Development Philosophy

              Building power stations that drive the regional economy

              Improving the environment for the benefit of society